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WTM 2016

Wednesday 6th April 2016

Riddel Hall

  • Sheree Atcheson: Women Who Code & Initiatives for the future of Women in Tech

  • Helen Lennon : Entrepeneurship & Starting Up

  • Victoria Potts: Student Startups & IVEA Labs

  • [PANEL] Equity In Technology: Why Is it Important?: Samantha Fraser, Victoria McCallum, Diane Murdock

  • Victoria McCallum : Beginning the Tech journey

  • Laura Moore : Diversity & Big Data

  • Carla McGlynn & Rosemary McCormack: Women in IT : The Citi Initiative

  • Olivia Copeland & Caroline McCartney (Future2016 Team) : Teenagers & Tech

  • [PANEL] Looking to the Future: Gillian O’Leary, Helen Lennon, Vicky Potts, Mary-Jane McBride

  • Patricia O'Hagan MBE: User Experience

  • Siobhan Hunter: Mind the Gap! Getting back into a tech career after a break.

  • Elizabeth O'Sullivan: Cyber Security - Hackers on the Rise.

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