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We're really happy to be able to yet again provide childcare services at this year’s conference. It is a core belief of WTM that as many from our community as possible are able to attend our event. Please note that child tickets are free but a childcare ticket needs booked for the event to allow us to provide final numbers to the childcare providers with sufficient notice. You can register for childcare tickets here.

Opening Hours

Childcare is available for the entire duration of the conference from 9.00am to 5:30pm.


Child care is being provided by MK Wedding Childcare Ltd. All staff are registered childminders and have the appropriate qualifications as per regulations in Northern Ireland. They cater for all needs and abilities, they just ask that they have the child's needs and routine in advance.

Further details will be provided to parents/guardians in advance of the conference. 

A number of activities will be put on for the children to cover the age range however if your child (particularly the older ones) has their own activities, such as books, tablets etc. they are more than welcome to bring them along. It should be noted that WTM Belfast cannot take responsibility for the care of or any damage that is caused to any personal belongings that children bring with them.

A dedicated room has been set aside for childcare for the day. Parents are welcome to visit their children throughout the course of the day. 

Breastfeeding and baby bottles 
Breastfeeding is welcome throughout the entire building including in the lecture theatres. Hot water will also be available from catering staff for baby bottles.


Food will be provided in the rooms for the children and the carers, water will be available throughout the day. Parents are more than welcome to provide lunch or snacks for their children and can visit their children during the lunch break if they wish.

Please state any allergies and medical needs when registering for a ticket.


Kit list:
Please bring the following where applicable:​

  • Any specific snacks or drinks that you think you child will need.

  • Nappy changing supplies, if child needs it.

  • Formula Milk and bottles if child requires it.

  • Change of clothes.

  • If suitable, their own activities they wish to work on.

If you have any specific questions, please let us know at

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