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Speak at WTM 2025!

The theme of this years event is "XXXXXXXXX." We are keen to hear from all potential speakers, but in particular would love to hear from those who have never presented at a conference before and invite you to step forward and take the leap to share your experience and skills with our audience.

We represent the local community of women in technology - so we would love to hear from you! We are looking for a variety of talks: technical and non-technical, long or lightning talks and workshops, on various topics relevant to our audience who come from different tech backgrounds!

We would love to receive applications from everyone in tech across Ireland who self-identify as women. Especially we would like to see speakers of colour, muslim speakers, those with (visible or invisible) disability, speakers from LGBT+ community, and all others from underrepresented groups.

We encourage you to submit multiple talks - each applicant may submit up to 3 and you can edit your submission as long as the CfS is open. All submissions are anonymised before they are evaluated in order to avoid any bias and will be judged by a panel. Early submissions would be much appreciated.

Note that this is a local conference and applications from outside the island of Ireland will not be accepted. Please kindly apply to speak at your local WTM Summit.


We would like to see the diverse talents in our community including developers, designers, testers, IT managers, tech entrepreneurs, students, researchers, and many others across all phases of their careers, backgrounds, and walks of life. We are strongly encouraging any new and beginner speakers to apply, and we will aim to support you as much as possible throughout the event. As always experienced speakers are also very welcome to apply.


Over the past years we've aimed to showcase the achievements of local women in tech in celebration of International Women's Day. What does that mean? That means we want to show the world the amazing women who have done awesome work in the tech scene. We want people to know what they're working on, how they're doing it, lessons learned and main challenges, but also shine the spotlight on these role models to show that women can do it too and to inspire the next generation. What better way to do it than giving women the opportunity to talk about the amazing work they've done regardless of their background?


Our focus at WTM Belfast 2024 is more on substance than motivation. When people attend your talk, what are they going to take away from it? If they missed out, how would you summarise the key points? We would like to give our attendees the opportunity to learn new things from different areas in tech. Our audience will be from a range of backgrounds and specialisms, so whether you are only just starting out in your career or are an expert in your field we want to hear what you have been working on and hopefully learn something new as well.

Specifically, we are looking for talks in the following areas:

  • Front-End Development

  • Back-End Development

  • App Development

  • Data Science (AI/ML)

  • Software Testing & QA

  • DevOps & Infrastructure

  • User Experience & Design

  • Data Analytics

  • Cloud

  • Open Source Technologies

  • Software Architecture

  • Security

  • Accessibility

  • Disruptive Tech (e.g. IoT, Robotics)

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Returning to Work

  • Wellness


  • Make sure that your talk abstract is more than a few sentences, and really distils and explains to us what your talk is about.

  • Focus on what the audience will learn and take away from your talk

  • Ensure your talk title, personal bio and description are ready for publishing 

Please feel free to reach out to should you have any questions. Our team of organisers are available to help you shape your talk idea and prepare your talk. We look forward to hearing from you!

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